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P61A Grid Tie Photovoltaïc Inverter

SANYO DENKI EUROPE SA. is pleased to introduce its «SANUPS P61A» photovoltaïc inverter, grid-tie type. Effective and reliable, it has also a high efficiency of 96%. Available in both versions 3kW and 5kW, it suits to small and middle installations complying with the requirements of the European, East and South-East Asian and Oceanian markets.
From now on, thanks to this new inverter, our line-up covers powers from 3 to 100kW.
With over 40 years of experience in UPS design and production, SANYO DENKI ensures the superior quality of SANUPS P61A photovoltaïc inverter.

Main features
1) 96% efficiency
For maximum energy conversion.

2) Waterproof design - IP65 protected
A good protection against dust and water allows outdoor installation.

3) Quiet operation
Fan less cooling system to guarantee quiet operation.

4) 5 years warranty and 20 years minimum life expectancy (with preventive maintenance)
It allows utility company contract full duration warranty.

Technical specifications


Circuit block diagram




  • Data collection and measuring system
    SANUPS PV Monitor allows you to easily monitor power generation status in remote area via network.
    Max. 27 connected devices can be measured / monitored.
  • DC junction box
    String combiner box plays a role to collect DC outputs from solar cells to PV inverter.
  • Temperature sensor and signal converter box
  • Solar radiation sensor and signal converter box
    Dimensions (unit: mm)


    For further information on Sanyo Denki «SANUPS P61A» photovoltaïc inverter, please contact us at +33 1 48 63 26 61 or email us at

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