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AC input 5-phase Stepping Driver

SANYO DENKI EUROPE SA. is pleased to introduce its new "SANMOTION F5 AC input 5-phase Stepping Driver".

Main Features
1) Low vibration
This driver features approximately 30% less vibration compared with our conventional product.

2) High torque
Torque is increased by approximately 5% when combined with our newly developed motors. As output torque is the same for both 100 and 200VAC input voltages, there is no need to change motors if power specifications change.

3) Analysis function and device startup support
Using an encoder with the motor makes it possible to monitor information such as the current position and speed. It simplifies determining causes of vibration and step-out.


4) Brake control
Equipped with power supply for electromagnetic braking to automatically control open/close timing.
No external power is needed for braking.

5) Rich resolution selection
It is equipped with 1/1 to 1/250 micro-step and electronic gear functions. Motor resolution can be set by ball screw pitch and reduction gear ratio.

Target Applications
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, general industrial machinary, food machinery and medical devices.

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