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AC Servo Amplifier RS3 3E Model

SANYO DENKI EUROPE SA. is pleased to introduce their new "SANMOTION RS3 3E Model" high performance AC servo amplifiers, evolved, eco-efficient and easy to use.


Shorter takt time achieved through high-speed positioning control
The 3E Model has a speed frequency response of 2.2kHz, approximately twice that our conventional product. A function to further shorten positioning time, and real-time switching between track control and positioning control contribute to drastic reduction of machine takt time.



Improved control accuracy
The 3E Model is equipped with a gain increase function, a function for suppressing microvibrations at settling time, and an adaptive notch filter for suppressing mechanical resonance.
Highly accurate machine tool feed-axis control significantly improves processing quality.



Improved safety performance through the Safe Torque Off function
With the improved Safe Torque Off (STO) function, the 3E Model conforms to international standards SIL3/IEC61508 and PL=e/ISO13849-1. It is sufficiently reliable for usage in devices requiring high safety, such as medical devices.



Reduced power consumption
By incorporating new generation power devices, the 3E Model decreases electric power losses by up to 7%. The 3E Model also has lower standby power consumption by up to 10%; limiting unnecessary energy consumption by controlling the fan speed based on conditions and ambient temperature.
Power consumption visualization
The power consumption monitoring function enables power consumption to be visualized.

Easy to startup
The 3E Model has a virtual motor operation function to simulate operation of the motor and amplifier without moving the machine. The provided SANMOTION Motor Setup Software intelligibly displays those parameters required for operation and enables fast and easy Equipment startup.

Easy servo tuning
By connecting with the setup software the 3E Model offers a variety of servo tuning support functions such as automatic selection of optimal tuning mode depending on mechanical and load conditions, basic tuning mode for adjustment of up to two parameters, and an application-specific adjustment mode. This dramatically shortens time required for servo tuning.

Easy troubleshooting
With a 1ms time stamp and a drive recorder function to record motor and amplifier operating status, details of abnormal state occurrences such as alarms can be accurately checked even at a later time, facilitating troubleshooting.



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