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A11J Single Phase On-Line UPS

SANYO DENKI EUROPE SA. is pleased to introduce its «SANUPS A11J» On-Line UPS. The A11J On-Line UPS offers 93% efficiency, saves money, reduces waste of energy and contributes to the global environment. It protects your investments in technology equipment from commercial power: spikes, surges, electrical noise, load fluctuation and outage. Its numerous configurations enable the A11J to answer most of the applications. With over 40 years of experience in UPS design, SANYO DENKI ensures the superior quality of SANUPS A11J On-Line UPS.

Main specifications
  • Reference: S-A11J***S2A***
  • 1 model: 5kVA (4,5kW) expandable up to 20kVA and redundant thanks to the parallel operation N+1 configuration
  • Technology : On-Line
  • Large input voltage range from 200 to 240Vac, power factor > 0,9
    When the load factor is less than 70%, input voltage range covers from -40 to +15% of rated voltage
  • 50 or 60Hz auto-sensing
  • Output voltage from 200 to 240Vac, single phase 2 wires
  • Long life hot swappable battery, with auto test cycle and deep discharge protection
  • Autonomy: 5min (3U) or 10min (4U)
  • External battery extension module for up to 180 min autonomy
  • Low noise (45dB)
  • Can be installed horizontally, vertically or in a 19-inch rack (3U or 4U)
  • Connections : RS232, LAN (SNMP, Telnet, Email...), EPO

Main features

1) On-Line Technology with 93% efficiency:
Reliable and efficient, maintening a perfect output voltage without outage, with a low power consumption.
2) More active power available: power factor of 0,9.
3) Expandable up to 20kVA:
In parallel operation (N+1), it solves SPOF (Single Point Of Failure) with redundant internal power supply.
4) Automatic battery check:
It notifies in advance any battery failure, reinforcing the load device protection.
5) Maintenability:
Long life and hot swapping battery (5 years expected at 25°C), cycling battery auto test. The inverter module can be replaced without tool.

6) Network compatibility:
The optional UPS managment software «SANUPS SOFTWARE» and a LAN interface card allow UPS monitoring and control over the network (SNMP, Telnet, Email...).
7) Low noise for use in offices
8) Eco Product:
We certify the environmental soundness of the product with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Target applications

Local area networks, servers, data centers, bank cash dispensers, transportation management, telecommunication devices, industrial PLC, emergency and security devices (alarms, video, supervision room...).

For further information on Sanyo Denki «SANUPS A11J» On-Line UPS, please contact us at +33 1 48 63 26 61 or email us at

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